About Us


Jameson Hope

Lead/Rhythm Guitarist and Vocalist

Jameson sings lead for the band and also plays lead and rhythm guitar! In addition to singing and playing guitar, he also loves to write music and has written about 40 songs, four of which are on the band’s debut album. In his free time Jameson loves to run and work out with weights!


Jadyn Hope

Bass Guitarist and Vocalist

Jadyn loves all things musical. In addition to singing harmony and lead occasionally, he is the band’s bass guitarist. He also plays guitar, piano and violin. Jadyn wrote his first song at 9 years old and has written several more since then. When not working on music, Jadyn can usually be found hidden away in a hammock with a book about war history or playing airsoft with his friends and his brothers.


Kenyon Hope

Drummer and Vocalist

Kenyon is the band’s youngest member. He joined the band at just 4 years old, and performed his first show at barely 5 years old when the boys sang the “Star Spangled Banner” for a Lee Greenwood concert. At 7 years old he started learning the guitar before switching to the drums at 8. In addition to music, Kenyon loves a good game of airsoft or riding 4-wheelers in the country!