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American Hope on the Radio

Randy Owen talks about American Hope with Suzie Q Luther on her morning radio show.


American Hope is made up of brothers Jameson, Jadyn, and Kenyon Hope. They have been performing together since they were 6, 5, and 4. They soon began adding various instruments to their vocal performances. While they all started on the guitar, they each branched out into different instruments, each finding their own specialty.


Jameson (14) plays acoustic and electric lead guitar, as well as piano. Jadyn (13) plays acoustic and electric bass guitar and piano. And Kenyon (11) plays guitar, drums, and piano. In addition to their vocal and instrumental skills, they are also talented songwriters. Jameson and Jadyn have each written songs that they regularly perform on stage.


Together, they have had the honor of opening for top country artists such as Randy Owen of the group “Alabama,” and Lee Greenwood. They have also opened for Celtic Woman star, Lisa Kelly.